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Thurston County Comments on Greyline Flowmeters

"We have been using Greyline products at Thurston County, Washington for approximately seven years. We use both the Stingray portable flow meters and the permanent Area Velocity Flow Meter (AVFM II) in multiple stormwater applications."

AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter 

  • For Open Channels and Pipes
    No Flume or Weir Required

  • Ultrasonic - Measures Velocity + Level
    to Calculate Flow

  • Works in partially filled and surcharged pipes

  • Measures Forward and Reverse Flow

  • 3 Isolated 4-20mA Outputs
    (Flow, Level and Velocity)

  • Totalizer and 2 Control Relays

  • Optional Intrinsically Safe Sensor

  • Optional built-in 2-million point
    Data Logger

AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Monitor

Monitor flow through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir. Ideal for stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage, irrigation water and streams. Calibration is simple: enter the pipe diameter or channel shape and the AVFM 5.0 computes the flow volume and displays the flow rate. Measure forward and reverse flow and calibrate to channels of any shape.

Area-Velocity - How It Works  The AVFM 5.0 uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to measure both Velocity and Level in the channel. The sensor is completely sealed with no orifices or ports. It mounts inside a pipe or at the bottom of a channel.
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Application Considerations

Sealed Ultrasonic Sensor Measures Level and Velocity

The AVFM 5.0 is recommended for pipe diameters greater than 6" (150 mm). Maximum pipe diameter or channel width should not exceed 10 ft (3 m) unless flow velocity is evenly distributed across the channel width. Avoid sensor mounting locations where sediment builds up and locations where there is an elevation drop or bend immediately upstream from the sensor. Maximum pipe or channel slope should not exceed 3%.

 The AVFM 5.0 measures flow velocity from 0.1 to 20 ft/sec (0.03 to 6.2 m/sec) and reverse flow up to 5 ft/sec (1.5 m/sec). Contact Greyline Instruments for specific recommendations in your application.


AVFM 5.0 Installation

See the AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter in action measuring water flow in a 32-inch
corrugated culvert.


  Greyline Pipe Band Sensor Mounting for Area-Velocity Flowmeters

Do it the easy way - use a stainless steel pipe band for Area-Velocity Flow Meter sensor mounting. You can install the sensor and tie wrap the cable in place before you enter the manhole. Then insert the pipe band into the manhole inlet pipe and tighten the scissor-jack to expand the band for a friction fit inside the pipe.

Pipe Mounting Bands are available from Greyline in a range of sizes for common pipe diameters.

Portable data logging model...
Check out the portable, battery-powered Stingray 2.0 Level-Velocity Logger for flow surveys and I&I studies. It runs for up to 4 years on a set of standard D-Cell Alkaline batteries.

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