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Pump Station Call Outs A Thing Of The Past

East Sewage Lift Station with Grease and Foam

Town operators were plagued by high level alarm call outs at two new sewage lift stations. Read how they used Greyline's hybrid ultrasonic level controllers with dual sensor capability to put an end to level alarms.

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Irrigation Water Flow Measurement with Greyline AVFM Area-Velocity Flowmeter

Submerged Ultrasonic Sensors Installed in Concrete Culverts

Greyline AVFM Area-Velocity Flow Meters monitor and totalize irrigation water distributed through a network of canals, channels and pipelines in the United Irrigation District.

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Non-Contacting Solution for Plugged Off Flow Meters in the Oil Patch

Petrobakken Crude Oil Battery

Wax and solids build-up were plugging off pipes and in-line flowmeters at this oil battery site in Alberta. Read how Petrobakken Energy solved the problem by switching to Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meters with non-contacting ultrasonic sensors.

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Flow Monitoring for Golf Course Irrigation

Summerheights Golf Links

A new TTFM 1.0 Transit Time Flowmeter monitors and logs irrigation water pumped to sprinklers at Summerheights Golf Links. The clamp-on flowmeter is used to comply with a Ministry of Environment permit.

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Thurston County Comments on Greyline Area-Velocity Flowmeters

Greyline Area-Velocity Flow Sensor

Since 2007 Thurston County has deployed Greyline Area-Velocity Flow Meters in open channels resulting in thousands of dollars in savings every year.

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Non-Contacting Flow Solution for Heap Leach Mining

Greyline AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter with Non-contacting Ultrasonic Level and Clamp-on Velocity Sensors

The world's largest single producer of copper was faced with a challenge in their heap leaching process in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. Finding an accurate, reliable non-contacting flow meter was a difficult task.

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Greyline Provides End-to-End Solution for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Greyline PSL Pump Station Level Controllers with Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensors plus Redundant Pressure Sensors

From sewage pump stations in the collection system, through final treated effluent, the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal deploys Greyline flow and level instruments.

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Monitor Dredging Slurry Flow from Outside the Pipe

Greyline ClampOn Sensor

Dredge operators need accurate real-time flow information to properly manage production. But dredging slurries are very abrasive and pumped at high velocity so flow measurement is difficult. Manufacturers find the solution with Greyline clamp-on flowmeters.

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Wastewater Level Measurement Techniques

Albany County North Sewage Treatment Plant, Albany NY

Level monitoring and control is a fundamental requirement in any wastewater treatment process. You will find level instrumentation installed at even the simplest treatment plants for pump control, chemical storage tanks and process level controls or alarms. Operators have only limited or emergency control over treatment plant influent, so level controls and instrumentation play an important role in managing the wastewater treatment process.

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Doppler for Fly Ash Slurry Flow

Greyline DFM-IV Doppler Flow Meters installed to measure "fly ash slurry" at Xcel Energy's Sherburne County Generating Plant in Becker, Minnesota

Limestone Slurry is abrasive therefore in-line flowmeters are not practical. Non-contacting Doppler Flowmeters can be used both on the fly ash slurry supply lines and on "used" or recirculated slurry.

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Solution For Submerged Flow Monitoring in Raymond Irrigation District

Water Culverts Submerged During Irrigation Season

Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meters with waterproof ultrasonic sensors measure flow in submerged concrete culverts in the Raymond Irrigation District in Alberta, Canada.

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Area-Velocity Flowmeter Installations in Denmark

Flowmeter Installations in Stainless Steel Panels

Greyline AVFM Area-Velocity Flow Meters are installed thoughout the country by Teletronic Denmark to monitor municipal sewage and stormwater. Application photos and descriptions illustrate flow monitoring in manholes and open channels.

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Quarry Dewatering Compliance

Louis Bray Quarry near Cornwall, Ontario

A Greyline AVFM Area-Velocity Flow Meter monitors and data logs water discharged from the Bray Quarry to the South Raisin River. The Quarry is required to measure flow for environmental permit compliance.

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DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter -- Open Letter from a Greyline Customer

DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter

The septage receiving station in Whynott's Settlement, Nova Scotia needed a simple, compact solution to control VFD-driven vertical turbine pumps, chlorine injection plus flow through a V-Notch Weir with display and 4-20mA outputs... Solution: the Greyline DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter

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Flowmeter Troubleshooting at the Township of North Glengarry

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter With Ultrasonic Sensor on 12" Sewage Forcemain

An Ontario municipality deploys Greyline portable flowmeters to solve flow rate discrepancies between a magmeter installed on the forcemain in their pump station and an open channel flowmeter at the sewage lagoon.

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Open Channel Flow Monitors Retired After 16 Years Continuous Service

Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Sensor Installed above a Parshall Flume

After 16 years of service, the Long Sault WWTP replaced two older Greyline Open Channel Flow Monitors with new data logging OCF 5.0 models. This SBR treatment plant's influent is measured with flow through two 6" Parshall Flumes.

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Water Bottling Plant Chooses Greyline for Level Control

Culligan's water bottling line

Culligan Water installs Greyline SLT32 Level Monitors to control tank levels in their bottling plant in Calgary, Alberta. With non-contacting ultrasonic sensors the SLT32's control fill and discharge valves in five tanks containing spring water, reverse osmosis water and distilled water.

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Water Accountability

Level-Velocity Sensor Installation in Manhole Inlet Pipe

The Glen Walter Sewage Collection System was built to service 1,080 customers in 1989. At the time the population was 850 but by 1995 the sewage treatment plant had already reached capacity. Plant operators and the municipality had concerns about the excess flow

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Sand Slurry Flow Monitoring

CanFrac Sands Ltd. of Lloydmister Saskatchewan

CanFrac Sands Ltd. of Lloydmister, Saskatchewan install a Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter to measure fracturing sand slurry when their in-line flowmeters were being damaged by the abrasive slurry.

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Lagoon Discharge Flow Monitoring

South Glengarry Sewage Lagoon

The Township of South Glengarry installs a new Greyline AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter to measure continuous discharge from their municipal sewage lagoon. The sealed ultrasonic sensor is mounted in a horizontal 12" PVC pipe. The AVFM replaced a magnetic flowmeter that was unable to measure seasonal low flow rates.

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Swimming Pool Level Control

Okotoks Recreation Centre in Alberta, Canada

A Surge Tank is used at the Okotokes Rec Centre Swimming Pool to regulate pool level. By monitoring level in a surge tank the non-contacting Greyline LIT25 Level Indicating Transmitter controls makeup water flow through a solenoid valve.

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