New! OCF 5.0  Open Channel Flow Monitor


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New! Greyline OCF 5.0 Open Channel Flow Monitor

  • Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Accurate and Verifiable

  • Built-in 2-million point Data Logger and Windows Software

  • USB Outputs to Flash Memory Sticks

  • Isolated 4-20mA/0-5V Output

  • 2 Programmable Control Relays

  • Simple 5-key Calibration with Language Selection

OCF 5.0  Open Channel Flow Monitor

Continuously monitor, display, totalize and data log flow through any flume or weir. The OCF 5.0 includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor that mounts just 8" (203.2 mm) above the flowing water. It is accurate (0.25%) and reliable. There is no obstruction to flow and no fouling. Use the built-in Keypad/menu system to select your flume or weir from the Menu and to choose measurement units (gallons, liters etc.) 

The Greyline OCF 5.0 includes built-in 2-million point Data Logger and flow reporting system. Connect a flash memory stick to the flowmeter's USB output to download log files and then view your data in graph and table formats with 'Greyline Logger' software supplied free with each OCF 5.0. Daily flow reports including minimum, maximum, average and total daily flow can be viewed directly on the backlit OCF 5.0 LCD display.   New! Logger Download to USB Flash Drive

Use the isolated 4-20mA to transmit flow to remote chart recorders or displays, and the control relays are programmable for level/flow alarm, and flow proportionate pulse (for samplers, chlorinators or remote totalizers). An Intrinsic Safety Barrier is optional for sensor and cable installation in hazardous rated locations. The separate, watertight electronics/display enclosure is mounted at a convenient location within 500 ft (150 m) of the sensor. 

  An OCF 5.0 In Operation

See this OCF 5.0 Open Channel Flow Monitor in operation with a 6" Parshall Flume. With a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor it measures and displays the flow rate and includes a totalizer, onscreen flow reports, 4-20mA output and control relays.

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