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FREE Windows Software with each Greyline PSL Pump Station Level Controller

Calibrate PSL Level Controllers from your PC or laptop with this powerful software package. You can prepare calibrations in advance, complete with measurement span, relay set-points and pump alternation. Connect to the PSL's RS232 port directly, or dial-up through phone lines and modems to transfer the calibration parameters to the instrument instantly. Access to PSL calibration is password-protected.

Use the PSL remote software for a real-time display of level and Relay status. Dial-up a pump station from your home or office.

PSL Remote Windows Software

Monitor Pump Stations from your PC


Manage Pump Maintenance with automatically prepared Run Time reports

Relay run times are automatically logged by each PSL Level Controller. You can display run time information directly on the instrument's digital display, or view a graph and run time table in the PSL Remote Windows program.

Run time data can be stored to disk for import to spreadsheet or database programs, or transferred to Microsoft Excel through DDE.

Pump Run Time Report

Relay Run Time Report is prepared automatically

PSL Remote software works with...
The PSL Pump Station Level Controller - it controls and alternates up to six pumps or level alarms with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor installed in the wet well.

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