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PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter

  • Non-Contacting Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers

  • Works on clean fluids in
    Metal and Plastic Pipes

  • Battery-powered

  • Large Backlit Flow Rate Display and Totalizer

  • Built-in 5-Key Calibrator

  • 4-20mA Output

  • Built-in Data Logger with Windows software


PTFM 1.0 Portable Flowmeter 

Recommended for fluids like water, glycol, oils and chemicals. Use it for calibrations, troubleshooting, flow surveys and as a temporary transmitter to replace inline flowmeters.

The PTFM 1.0 ultrasonic transducers strap-on the outside of pipes from ˝" to 48" (12 to 1200 mm) diameter. The ultrasonic signal works through common pipe materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, PVDF, fiberglass, copper, brass, aluminum and pipes with bonded liners including epoxy, rubber and Teflon. Transducers can be mounted without shutting down flow and there is no obstruction or pressure drop. It measures and totalizes forward and reverse flow.

The PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter operates by measuring the “transit time” or “time of flight” for ultrasonic sound pulses transmitted from one transducer to another. Depending on the mounting configuration the signal may cross the pipe once, twice or four times. To measure flow the transit time is compared between ultrasonic signals travelling upstream and downstream.

PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter User-Friendly Operating System

Calibration is easy with the onscreen menu system. Just enter the pipe diameter, wall thickness and pipe material. The PTFM 1.0 is powered by an internal, rechargeable NiMH battery or can be operated continuously with AC power adapter. Each PTFM 1.0 includes a watertight carry case, transducer set, cables and mounting clamps.

Built-in Data Logger with Windows Software Included

Set up the 300,000 point data logger to store time and date-stamped flow readings from 10 second to 5 minute intervals. View the convenient on-screen 'Flow Report' where total, minimum, maximum and average flow rates are stored in a 24 hour daily summary.

Transfer flow logs to your PC or laptop through the PTFM 1.0's USB output. Greyline Logger software (included) displays data in both graph and table formats with one-click export to Microsoft Excel®, images or CSV files for use in other programs.

Data Logging PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter
PTFM 1.0 Standard Features Include:
  • pair SE16B ultrasonic transducers - clamp-on for 1/2” to 48” (12 mm to 1200 mm) pipes
  • transducer cables - 12 ft (3.5m) coaxial with BNC connectors
  • flow rate range: ± 0.07 to 39 ft/sec (± 0.02 to 12 m/sec)
  • installation - stainless steel transducer brackets, mounting clamps, alignment bar and silicone coupling compound kit
  • enclosure - portable ABS with rugged IP67 carry case
  • display - white, backlit matrix LCD
  • totalizer - 14 digit
  • calibration - built-in 5-key programmer
  • damping - keypad adjustable
  • power input - built-in NiMH battery for up to 18 hours operation
    - external charger with 100-240VAC power input
  • outputs - USB, 4-20mA (500 ohm with charger connection)
  • data logger - fully programmable 300,000 point capacity
  • ‘Greyline Logger’ PC software for Windows™
  • 1 set cables - 4-20mA and USB

TTFM 1.0 Transit Time Flowmeter
For permanent installations...

Consider the TTFM 1.0 Transit Time Flowmeter. It also measures flow from outside of pipes with clamp-on transducers and includes a large digital display, totalizer and 4-20mA output.

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