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Greyline ultrasonic sensors are mounted at the top of a tank or in a position above the liquid being measured. The sensor continuously transmits pulses of high frequency sound (typically 42 kHz) which travel away from the sensor, hit the surface of the liquid and return to the sensor.

Transit Time flowmeters measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross a pipe and be received by a second transducer. Upstream and downstream time measurements are compared. With no flow, the transit time would be equal in both directions. With flow, sound will travel faster in the direction of flow and slower against the flow.

Doppler flow meters measure flow from outside a pipe with a clamp-on sensor. Greyline Doppler meters continuously transmit high frequency sound (640MHz) that travels through the pipe wall and into the flowing liquid. Sound is reflected back to the sensor from solids or bubbles in the fluid. If the fluid is in motion, the echoes return at an altered frequency proportionate to flow velocity. Doppler flow meters continuously measure this frequency shift to calculate flow.

Measure open channel flow without a flume or weir. An Area-Velocity Flow Meter continuously measures both Level and Velocity to calculate flow volume in an open channel or pipe.

Using ultrasonic level technology, Greyline open channel flow meters include a non-contacting sensor mounted above the flume or weir. By measuring the time from transmission of an ultrasonic pulse to receipt of an echo, the water level or "Head" is accurately measured.

The MantaRay battery-powered flowmeter measures, displays, transmits, totalizes and datalogs flow in open channels and partially filled pipes. It is designed to measure sewage, stormwater, irrigation water and stream flow.

Watch this MantaRay Portable Area-Velocity Flow Meter as it is prepared and installed in an arch culvert for stream flow monitoring.

Greyline flow and level instruments with USB flash output can download directly to external thumb drives. Simply plug in a thumb stick and the data download begins automatically. When the instrument displays "Completed" the thumb drive can be disconnected. Run Greyline Logger software on your Windows PC to open the logger file.

It's easy to add relays to a Greyline instrument. Power the unit off, plug in the relay board and power back on. The instrument detects the new hardware and automatically loads the menu system for calibration. In this video we add four relays to a Greyline DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter. Following the same procedure you can also add a data logger. It takes just a couple of minutes for complete installation.

Watch installation and calibration of a Portable PT400 Transit Time Flow Meter from Greyline Instruments. A pair of ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the outside of a pipe. Use the PT500 to measure flow of clean fluids in pipe diameters from 13 to 2000 mm (0.51" to 78"). The flow meter is installed without cutting pipe or shutting down flow.

Do it the easy way - use a stainless steel pipe band for Area-Velocity Flow Meter sensor mounting. You can install the sensor and tie wrap the cable in place before you enter the manhole. Then insert the pipe band into the manhole inlet pipe and tighten the scissor-jack to expand the band for a friction fit inside the pipe. Designed for Greyline AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter

It's easy to add a data logger to Greyline flow or level instruments that are already in service. New 6.1 models auto-detect hardware changes so you simply plug-in the logger circuit board. When the instrument powers up, data logger settings automatically appear in the calibration menu. Greyline data loggers also download directly to USB flash drives - so you don't need to carry a laptop to the instrument to retrieve logger files.

You can use electrical tape to mount the PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter sensor on the outside of pipe 1/2" diameter or larger. You can use electrical tape to secure the sensor on the outside of metal or plastic pipes. It takes about one minute. Here's how...

It's easy to mount the clamp-on ultrasonic sensor and start-up the PDFM 5.1 to measure flow in pipes 1/2" diameter or larger.

Lots of products promise user-friendly calibration systems, but Greyline delivers. See how simple it is to calibrate this Flowmeter.

Watch us install transducers for a Greyline TTFM 1.0 Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter. We demonstrate sensor installation on a PVC pipe with mounting brackets and clamps supplied with the instrument.

The new PSL 5.0 Pump Station Level Controller and PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter are introduced at WEFTEC 2012 in New Orleans.

When the Town of Port-Cartier needed to automate operation of the barscreen rake in their Wastewater Treatment Plant they selected the DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter from Greyline Instruments. Here's how it works.

Two new sewage lift stations were plagued by callout alarms from ultrasonic level controllers as foam and grease covered the water surface and caused echo loss. Operators installed new Greyline PSL 5.0 Pump Station Level Controllers with redundant sensors to permanently solve the problem.

See the AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter in action measuring water flow in a 32-inch corrugated culvert.

Improvements and key features of the Stingray 2.0 Level-Velocity Logger are shown in the new model launch at the WEFTEC exhibition in New Orleans.

See this OCF 5.0 in operation with a 6" Parshall Flume. With a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor it measures and displays the flow rate and includes a totalizer, onscreen flow reports, 4-20mA output and control relays.

Stingray Level-Velocity Logger operates for two weeks each year during the annual sewage lagoon discharge in the Hamlet of Green Valley.

Raisin Region Conservation Authority uses a Greyline Stingray 2.0 to comply with their St. Lawrence River diversion flow monitoring agreement.


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